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Here is how it works

In one sentence here is how it works. Just blog to earn is a WordPress plugin that simply changes all the words in your content that are Amazon categories into Amazon affiliate links that search for those items on Amazon. So lets go over that again. For those of you who don't know the Amazon affiliate program is the world's largest affiliate program. It works in a very simple way. They give you a special link to place on your website that points to the Amazon website and when someone clicks this special website link and buys an Amazon item you get paid commision. Typically around 5% of whatever the items they purchased are. Say your blog is about housekeeping, if in a blog post you mention you have purchased a new cleaning kit then that word(s) will be converted into an Amazon affiliate link in your content. If a user then clicks this link they will be taken to an Amazon search for cleaning kits. If they make a purchase of a cleaning kit or any other Amazon item in the next 24 hours you will receive commision from the Amazon affiliate program. The plugin not only does all future content it also does all current content automatically too!

Quick + easy to use

This solution is a WordPress plugin so it takes literally seconds to install on your WordPress blog. Once installed you simply enter your Amazon tag and any settings you like and thats it! All your content is magically populated with Amazon links.

Passively earn

Once setup there is no maintenance at all. You just blog and earn via the Amazon affiliate program. You even earn money while you sleep!


The Amazon affiliate program is free to join and the Just Blog To Earn plugin is 100% Search Engine friendly. So there's no risk to your wallet or blog.

Just do what you love

Because this plugin does all the work for you, all you have to do is blog about what you love and when the traffic comes the money comes with it.

How is my content changed?

Here is a small example blog post to show you how your content is converted into Amazon affiliate links. Helping your readers and helping you earn the money you deserve from your blog. You can have as many or a few links in your content as you like by changing the link density in the plugin settings.

How much can I earn?

The Amazon affiliate program is the world's largest affiliate program for the world's largest e-commerce store. People trust Amazon and buy items from them religiously, that's why its so easy to earn money from. How much you'll make from using this WordPress plugin depends on how many people click the Amazon affiliate links in your content.
Obviously the more traffic you have the more clicks and purchases you'll get.

UpFuel is a great example of an Amazon affiliate earning near 6 figures. This isn't even near what the top private earners are doing....